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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 16, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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dominating this conversation. it's all about politicians doing what their constituents want. what happened to doing the best for the country? let your elected officials do their jobs without fear that if they don't pander to you, they won't get reelected. and honestly, enough of making candidates sign these all or nothing pledges but not increasing taxes. your 24re9ds to unseat politicians who try to do the right thing limits their ability to do the right thing. living within our means will not be easy, it may mean working a few more years than you plan to with fewer benefits than the prior deny jigs had, but hard work and sacrifice are american attributes and it's time for all of us not just the politicians to rise to the challenge. that's my xyz. thanks for joining the conversation on "your $$$$$." we're here every saturday and sunday. catch me every morning at 5:00 a.m. right here on cnn. and don't forget twitter. i'm alli velshi.
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have a great weekend. you're in the cnn news room where the news uned fors live this saturday, july 16th. live pictures now from washington where it's a day off from the talks about the debt ceiling, but not because there's a done deal. president obama and congressional leaders are still at an impasse after discussions at the white house all week long. the president maintained during his weekly address he wants to consider both tax hikes on the wealthy and spending cuts on popular entitlement programs. we'll try to get the president's -- the address now a moment. the republican response? a different take on the issue. they insist that tax hikes are off the table and a balanced budget amendment is needed. >> the solution to a spending
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crisis is not tax be ins. yet washington is consistently demonstrated that it cannot control its urge to spend. that is why the only long term solution is a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. only by restoring constitutional restraints on the ability of congress to spend can we constrain the growth of the federal government. >> out of fairness, we'll try to get you the president's weekly address in a moment. meantime everything could be up and run aring again in minnesota in a few days.democratic governor has cut a deal with republicans to end the two week long government shutdown. it involves selling bonds rather than raising taxes to make up the budget deficit. lawmakers still have to vote on it in special session. >> it hasn't pass theed yet, bu hopefully it will. >> i hope a lot of people will get voted out of office as a result. >> if it were the public sector,
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this wouldn't apply. so it's not fair that it's the government that allows this to happen. >> authorities expect an indictment next week against the man accused of kidnapping, killing and mutilating an 8-year-old brooklyn boy. the victim is shown in this surveillance tape. he was lost and asked the suspect for corrections. levi aron was arrested wednesday. he has been placed on suicide watch and ordered psychiatric tests. and a public apology from rupert murdock took out a full page ad today in seven british papers saying he's sorry about the phone hacking scandal that has overwhelmed his media empire. the shouts that actually greeted murdock yesterday as he went to meet with the parents of a murdered girl whose phone was
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alledgedly hacked by staffers with one of murdock's tabloids. on to los angeles now. a traffic nightmare may be the norm, but that's nothing normal about this. today a ten mile section of the congested usually 405 has shut down for the entire weekend for a construction project. it's an event so fear that residents are calling it c carmagedd carmageddon. let's go to corinne winter. half a million people traveling the 405 on a typical weekend. hot today, but give us an idea why driving really is so engrained in the lifestyle of people there in southern california. >> reporter: this is not a typical city like new york. i grew thup boston where people got around using public transit.
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biking. here people love their cars. motor capital of the world many people refer to it as. so you have a major artery like the 405 shut down, it can cause quite a disruption. let me tell you, officials even members of the media, we've been work hard all week getting the message out, letting people know that you got to stay away from this strip. you have to use alternate routes. and it appears that it is working. we just left it media station a short time ago and ventured to one of those alter in a routes, sepulveda boulevard, and it was like a ghost town. we saw more ped estrians than w did motorists. so they're definitely listening. and you see all the action. this is what construction crews have been working on since yesterday when they closed down this area. they plan on reopening it on monday. but for right now, they're knocking down a portion of that bridge that you see behind me to allow for more widening here along the freeway. and also take a look at that, that's the only real traffic jam around here. quite a few spectators, a lot of
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them have disbursed. it they're making hair way up the hill. they get a better snapshot of this. this is definitely a rarity seeing the 405 at a stand still, so they're wanting to take a picture not knowing when they'll be able to see it again. and as i was mentioning, you can see people walking up the hill. earlier they were actually taking a ikt before all the activity behind me. >> it is a rare sight to see no cars on an interstate in the los angeles area. so carmageddon really does describe the possible gridlock without the gridlock, there is no carmageddon, right? >> reporter: absolutely. and so this is a good thing. it is actually a great thing that we don't see the traffic backups that her predicting. in fact our producer, you have to see this, he just just took a picture of the ghost town along pacific coast highway. that's the alternate route officials were encouraging people to take if they were
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headed to l.a.x. so that really sums it up. and, again, you know, they were listening and you never know what can happen. this is the measure that officials take back in 1994 with the north ridge earthquake where corridors were affected, also with the olympics. they really wanted to hammer out that message that you have to use alternate routes. so this is not something ultimate off the norm. it's good that people listened and let's hope that is it stays safe until monday morning. this is a good thing. >> that's right. all right, thanks so much. i get people were listening to eric estrada when he said just stay home. let's check in now with sandra endo who is at another intersection. look at the road right there. sandra, it's easy going. some people stayed at home and just a few are out on the roads. no gridlock. >> reporter: absolutely. you're looking at a very free flowing ventura boulevard. this is one of the main surface
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streets here in the san fernando valley. if there was a carpocalyps or came made gcarmageddon, it woul bumper to bumper. but local officials have been encouraging people to take public transit and we actually stopped one bus driver who said he is seeing a few more riders than normal. that's because they're free rides. who doesn't want a free ride, right? and there are more train services over the weekend for people, as well. but clearly this is all over hyped it seems. the scare tactics have been working. local officials have been preparing for this for three months telling the public stay home, don't get in your cars, have a barbeque, go shopping in your neighborhood. and so far we've seen a couple people getting their morning coffee, actually walking, which is a news alert in and of itself because in wl a., they don't walk, they take their cars just for up a can elf blocks to get some coffee. so clearly the warnings have worked and so far so good.
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caltrans officials say they'll wait a while, see if traffic increases and still we have another whole day to get through. so clearly this is just the beginning. >> that's right, all day saturday, today, all day sunday and then back to normal on monday. thanks so much, sandra endo. we'll check with you throughout the day. sometimes there are those days or maybe even weeks when you wish i could just have a do over. well, that apparently is exactly what rupert murdock may be feeling now. he's got a lot of explaining to do to a lot of britains who are quite upset. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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get far away from the volcano. that is priority one for
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thousands of people with homes near an erupting volcano in indonesia. the mountain began rumbling this week and shot ash and lava into the air in three separate eruptions. and a shaky shot, but that is a 1,000 foot tall radio television transmission tower in the netherlands coming down as you see there. it was on fire collapsing into a smoky pile. firefighters don't know what caused the fire. one theory is lightning. the collapse knocked television and radio off the air for much of the country yesterday. and then take a look at who made a rare public appearance yesterday at a dance performance. kim jong-il leading a standing ovation there. also in attendance, kim's youngest son who analysts say is being groomed as the country's next leader. not a great week at all for rupert murdock. in the span of just a few days,
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he lost from his enormous media empire the widest read newspaper in the entire united kingdom. he also dropped his $12 billion bid to philly take over british sky broadcasting. and then his print media boss resigned a and then the dow jones resigned. and just yesterday, a big apology. he met with the family of a murdered teenager saying he's sorry that his journalists hacked her phone. he apologizes in print, as well, promising reareds that he will make big changes in the company. and now to this side of the pond. the u.s. attorney general orders the fbi to look into whether rupert murdock's employees broke any u.s. laws. let's get straight to susan candiotti. rupert murdock appears before the parliament in just three days to testify. how hot is that seat there and
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here? >> well, i think it's safe to say that seat will be sizzling. by all accounts, his questioning before parliament can be spec spectacular. he took out full page ads mostly his own, but big block letters saying we are sorry. he signed the ad. his words he's poll gazing for wrongdoing causing hurt and not acting faster to sort things out. so par two top executives are taking the fall, his top editor, rebekah brooks, plur dock has described her as like a daughter to him. she's been in charge of his tabloid news of the world during the start of the hacking scandal and yesterday les hinton fell on his sword. hinton oversaw news corp international as the scandal initially broke years ago. "wall street journal" reporters tweeted there was gasp in the newsroom when employees learned
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minute t hinton was out. tuesday they appear before parliament to face tough questioning. a short time ago we spoke with the former chair of the leading british broadcasting company and he predicts that murdock could get quite a grilling asking whether reporters may have broken laws, independent news gathers or were following his agenda. >> i think that is the question that media commentators and competitors and politicians have wanted to ask mr. murdock for 30 years. and it is the bigger wider question, is there undue influence between his news papers and politics and governments in this country or is it a conspiracy theory. >> and of course the fbi is in the throw oigs of its investigation alleging that a private eye here in morning was
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asked to hack in to the poen records of 9/11 victims and their families. and they're trying to get down to the bottom of that, too. it's been quite a week. >> all right, susan, thanks so much. we'll check back with you. the united states and japan facing off tomorrow in the woman's world cup soccer finals. fans around the globe are excited, but in one country, the game of soccer is actually helping girls reach a level playing field. >> translator: here in bolivia, will are more opportunities for girls than for girls to play soccer. >> bolivia itself is one of the poorest countries in latin is quite wide. level playing field is a
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nonprofit social enterprise based in the u.s. and our mission is to use soccer to promote gender equality and cultural exchange. level playing field's model is to bring student-athletes down from the u.s. specifically female soccer players to run a three week program of soccer coaching and english classes for 14 to 17-year-old participants here in bolivia. >> translator: it's not only for boys. as girls, we can also practice and it's a very fun sport where you can demonstrate what you know, your strength and qualities. >> i wasn't always in the best high schools, so i've seen injustice, i've seen people getting the bad part of the deal just because where they're from and i want to change that. >> girls can take the skills and values that you can learn through playing soccer, things like communication, confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and see that you can as a female play a
11:18 am
sport and be very successful. >> translator: thanks to these girls over here, i've achieved my goals and have overcome my fears because i was scared to come here and fail. but they've given me a lot of support and confidence in myself. >> translator: not only does this program encourage girls to play soccer, but these girls may in a way that makes you enjoy soccer even more because they laugh, jump and sing and it's a sweet and beautiful way of teaching us how to play. >> we love soccer! again tomorrow women u.s. take on japan. we'll let you know how that goes. the weak economy has taken a particularly heavy toll on blue collar jobs. wall with up with the list of the ten states that have lost the most blue collar jobs since 2005. percentage. they include new hampshire,
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so before the break, we listed the five states that have lost the most blue collar jobs by percentage since 2000. here are the other states. arizona, georgia, wyoming, california, connecticut. so it is the number one
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issue in american homes, getting your financial house in order in our financial fix today, we're focusing on what you do at home and how you can save money by changing just a few habits. you know that it means we brought in kaern lren lee becau she's the queen of saving money. there's a lot of things that we do that we feel is by necessity at home and we feel like we can't cut corners anywhere. you say there is room for that. >> there is room. and i hope that the message people get today is that all the little incremental things we do really can add up. so it's not just big items that we're going to ask you to shop on sale. we're going to look at all the places you can cut back. >> so beginning with food. everybody is experiencing higher grocery bills. it's so much more expensive to shop. so how in the world you can cut corners? and don't say just clip coupons. there has to be another way. >> for 24 years, people have
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exposed their entire financial life to me, so i can tell you the biggest area of overspending in a typical family's budget is food. so it's the difference of eating out, takeout, or cooking at home. if you go out for a dinner for four and we're not talking about anything excessive, we're talking a minimum of 50 bucks to get out of that restaurant, right? take out, you're probably talking 5 bucks. but to cook a meal at home, you should be able to cook it for about ten bucks for a family of four. the difference there is between $2600 a year and $5200 a year. so that's substantial savings. >> you're talk about like an every night thing? >> no, that's a one night a week. let me tell you, if you did that every night you eat out versus every night you cook home, $15,000 a year you could save.
11:24 am
doct >> that's incredible. >> so we need to cook you are on own food. i'm not against coupon, but i am in favor of looking at the grocery store ad and figuring out what can i get in this house this week that's on sale. because different things do go on sale. >> i have tried, i really have tried the whole coupon thing. but then i get to the grocery store and all the stuff that i really want, i don't have a coupon for. so in the end, i'm still -- anyway, i could go on. >> i could, too. >> but i've tried. i may have to try again in a different way. how about shopping on clothes, et cetera? especially back to school. people will buy a lot of clothes. >> and clothing is a necessity. we have to have it. so i'm going to tell you that you should never pay full price for anything. when you go into a department store, i want you going right to the back. and start looking. it has to be at least 50% off for you to buy it. now, my daughter told me i had to wear this outfit today.
11:25 am
i got it at a very well-known department store here in atlanta on the clearance rack. guess how much i paid? take take guess. >> it's so cute, too. >> thank you. >> you're going to tell me it's incredible like drop dead -- >> $12. >> you did not. >> and that's why i'm wearing it today. >>. >> that is an incredible deal. >> the other thing is i'm in the a huge advocate of this one because i haven't done it much, but thrift stores. and consignment storeses. my sister-in-law has one in maryland and i was just up there and they have some really cute things. and guess what you do in a thrift sore. you take advantage of other people's compulsive spending. you will find things there with the tags still on that other people bought and never wore. >> and then utility bills. how do you get away from that? hottest summer, everyone's experiencing a spike in their bills. >> and they're staggering.
11:26 am
again, incrementally you can make a difference by turning your ac up a couple degrees. you can get some fans in your house. you of course we talked last week about water. it does not take ten minutes to warm up a shower. i have to tell my teenagers. just get in there, get it done and get out. when you're going out of town, turn your ac way up. and i love to tell this story, but my father used to turn the heat so low in the winter and my room was in the basement, and we used to keep a they are mom it ter and it would be 52 degrees and his answer was get another blanket. but it's incremental. they'll add up. >> okay. helping to us save a whole lot of money. karen lee, appreciate it. always good to see you. of course you can get more information by reading karen's new book, it's just money, so why does it cause so many problems. you've heard all about this, right, they're calling it carmageddon. this is the gridlock that is
11:27 am
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[clucking] [clucking] [ding] [clucking] announcer: separate raw meats from other foods by using different cutting boards. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. keep your family safer. check your steps at it was a deal that sounded too good to be true and on democratic line shoppers jumped at it. advertised apple ipad 2 for just $69.
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the ad went viral. sears says the ad was a third party mistake and it's not honoring the incorrect price. and colorado wild life officials think they have killed the bear that attacked a teenage camper yesterday. rick voss was sleeping when the bear entered his tent and bit him on the leg. he was able to hold off the 200 pound animal until it was distracted by another camper. doctors treated voss for deep cuts. he says that he survived by keeping a level head. >> just trying to keep my cool and also occasionally i had ideas that ran through my head, but i was seriously injured, so i didn't want to end up serious injured. >> in kentucky a woman in court on a domestic violence charge didn't like the judge's ruling and you see what's happening right will. so she tried to climb over the bench and attack the judge. bailiffs wrestled her to the
11:31 am
floor. the judge gave her 120 days in jail. long lines outside theaters playing the last harry potter movie. first day ticket sales hit $92.1 million around the u.s. and midnight and early morning shows alone brought in $43.5 million. harry potter is a warner brothers release. tonight larry king will take on you a behind the scenes tour of the making of the final movie. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has proved that she can hachb just about any situation. but she ran into something that you might call a first during a town hall type meeting today in turkey. take a look at what happened. >> we have some new guests.
11:32 am
>> hi. so we have the kitty question coming up. >> do you like cats? >> i do. i do. yes. >> who one knows how the cats got in there, but you see clinton had a pretty good sense of humor about it all. and so far it looks like los angeles residents are staying off the roads to avoid what is being dubbed as carmageddon. a ten mile section of the busy 405 interstate has been shut down for this weekend of construction there anticipating carmageddon, jetblue offered flights this weekend between long beach and burbank for just $4 each way. not surprisingly it was sold out just within three hours. and we decided to see which route would be faster, taking that jetblue or some other kind of puddle jumper, or trying to deal through all the streets on your own. i don't know. we'll find out here which is the faster route by avoiding that
11:33 am
closed off 405. lindey is flying to palm beach and paul is driving. looks like it's smooth sailing, paul. >> i'm getting on the 5 freeway right now and it looks likesail on the 5. i believe everybody's been intimidated and i'm going to have smooth sailing. and by the way, it is a weekend, so i don't know how fair of a test this will be. but right now as i drive, you can see all the wide open concrete. so so far so good for me. >> very good. so it seems like it is smooth sailing. safe driving. but then is this kind of one of the alternate routes that people would typically take if they
11:34 am
were avoiding the 405? >> no, it's not. let's be fair. there's a fairly direct route from burbank to long beach. and most l.a. drivers like myself spend a lot of time trying to dodge the 405 just like poison oak and you get used to taking it no matter what you can. it's a mandatory evil because with often have to fly out of los angeles international airport and we've all had these days where we land on a friday and it can be an hour and a half drive from l.a.x. to hollywood or purchase bank area just trying to get back home. now, going to long beach, we can sort of swing around the worst part of the 405, so that's a great question. >> i'm glad that it's been an easy commute thus far.
11:35 am
thanks so much. let's check this with lindey and see how the flight is coming along, the flight between burbank and long beach. about where are you? you've checked in and everything? >> i've checked in and i'm standing in line to go through tsa security. seems pretty normal around here. there were about three other media crews checking into the same flight. so i don't know who will take advantage of the $4 flight which is kind of named flight number 405, so people having a lot of fun with it today. but i think paul will beat me, but the streets are open and, you know, tsa and airport and all of that takes a lot of time these days. sdl that's right. so it's a 20 34i7b9 fligminute you have to get this early and stand in line through security.
11:36 am
give me an estimation how that front end of the process is taking for you. >> well, they actually say it's 20 minutes in the air. but gate to gate, it's 45 minutes. so you add 45 minutes to the hour you have to check in ahead of time. i'm an hour 45. i mean, paul will be there before i probably even take off. >> oh, my goodness. okay. well, sometimes it's all about the journey and not necessary lit destination, right? so lindey, we'll check back with you when you embark on that plane and when you get to that destination and we'll compare notes. thanks so much. appreciate that. casey anthony is about to be released from jail. find out what major challenges she's likely to face once she's free. next.
11:37 am
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11:39 am
casey anthony is counting down the hours until her release. she's scheduled to be free from jail tomorrow. gary tuchman reports the arrangements surrounding her release are anything but typical. >> reporter: prisoners are released every day, but perhaps none of them with the level of
11:40 am
notoriety that will greet casey anthony when she leaves sunday after her stunning acquittals. her attorney talked to abc news about how her neat righty could bring danger. >> are you worried about her safety? >> i am. i am. and i'm afraid for her. >> will she have bodyguards? >> you know, we're in the process of trying to take that next step for her, so i don't know. >> reporter: so now there is an intense security plan in place. casey anthony will be released from this jail on sunday as early as 12:01 a.m. we don't know how she'll be taken out, we don't know where she'll go. but the sheriff's office is allowing two news photographers to videotape and take still photos of her leaving. once she's safely gone, we'll be allowed to tell si allowed to televise the images.
11:41 am
>> i don't think they can treat her like any other inmate in terms of the release. it would be irresponsible given the frenzy surrounding casey. because while she's in their custody prior to rae leasreleas they have to protect her. >> reporter: but where will she go and will she change her appearance? after all, this is a woman whose face is now known everywhere in the country. >> if her attorneys are doing the right thing and doing their jobs, they are going to have to explain to her that there is real hated from out there for her, that there have been death threats, that she cannot just walk amongst the population. that is not going to it happen. >> reporter: jose baez visited her in jail on thursday afternoon. he's not saying anything about casey anthony's plans. but another defense attorney cheney mason has issued some speculation. >> she's only 25 years old. a decade from now hopefully she'll have some stability in
11:42 am
her life, maybe a husband, they can be somewhere in montana and start over. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, orlando, florida. so how will casey anthony deal with her notoriety as she moves on with her life? joining us live, a clinical and forensic psychologist. so if you could advise anthony, what would you recommend upon her release? everything down to the behavior, her compose sure, how does she try to return to a normal life? >> i think it's very important that case say anthony really understand that there is as was said, there is real hatred out there, there is a subset of the population that really does mean her harm. and it's very important for her to know that in a high profile case like this, people are going to be watching very carefully the way that she behaves upon
11:43 am
release. she needs to keep a very low profile. she needs to -- even if she wants to live it up and celebrate her freedom, that really is going to escalate the hostility that people feel. so move away, change your appearance, keep a very low profile and don't stir things up. >> so you think that she really does have to remove herself from any familiarity, living anywhere in florida, for example, you think should really be kind of hands off for her? >> i think that probably is the most heated point, although arguably there really is not likely to be a place where her name is not a household name and her face is not recognizable. but at the same time, we need to remember that there have already been some people acting out aggressively against people they thought might be casey anthony even prior to her release. >> so we may not see images of casey anthony, it could be hours
11:44 am
after her release because of the way in which the jail is handling the photography and those journalists who are allowed inside. once those images are released, people will be dissecting everything from whether she acknowledges a camera, whether she smile, how she might be wearing her hair similar to what we saw in court, who is he may be with when she gets in to a vehicle. all of -- what would you advise her to do, how would you advise her to i guess watch every step? what should she stay away from just during that tiny little window of opportunity of photography? >> i think this is going to be a very, very challenging thing for casey anthony. i'm basing this on her body language during the trial when it was arguably even more important for her to monitor her body language and her behaviors. the body language was
11:45 am
fascinating. there were many, many instances where she seemed to be really reveling in the attention and smiling inappropriately and kind of forgetting almost that this was her murder trial. and so i think it's probably difficult to make clear particularly to someone who has been shielded from a lot of the media coverage that everyone has been see to go make her understand how crucial it is to be -- to be humble, to not be attention seeking. >> thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. sarah palin has a new movie and it's out in limited release this weekend. we'll tell you where theaters are empty and where they are simply selling out.
11:46 am
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probably don't have to tell you this because it's hot and very humid where you are and where just about anybody is. almost unbearable. it's been forever since we've seen each other.
11:49 am
good to see you. but it's sizzling out there. >> it is a hot one and it will be like this for days unfortunately. and this is dangerous heat. not just uncomfort fshl. the reason it's so danger vus this big massive heat wave will be prolonged, meaning it will last for days. this is the way your body interprets the temperature, so even though highs in minneapolis will be in the 90s, itle feel like it's much hotter than that as we go through the next few days. the jet stream is not moving much and that's why the heat soars even for sunday, the heat index climbs to 110 degrees making it very dangerous. it will feel hotter in minneapolis than it will this where the heat index there is 104. and also areas thmemphis and chicago. minneapolis, all the way up to 117 degrees. so it's not until we get to tuesday into wednesday that we start to see some improvements, but plan on a long period of time at least several days in the upper midwest where the heat will be very, very dangerous. we are also tracking some stormy
11:50 am
weather along the gulf coast for those of you that are at the beaches, you already know this, it's been very stormy in florida. and more of that is working its way across areas in to jacksonville and then all the way from lake charms to baton rouge, we're seeing powerful thunderstorms. and finally on the west coast, the low clouds coming in over the san francisco delays now. they're about an hour and 15 minutes. you'll have slowdowns. that's really the only travel troubles we have so far in this saturday. but fredericka, it's so hot out there, i think a lot of people are indoors. >> good advice for them to stay indoors, right? thanks a lot, bonnie. appreciate that. time for a cnn equals politics update. keeping an eye on all the politics at the desk and here's what's crossing right now. the u.s. is one day closer to missing the deadline to pay its bills and no talks scheduled for this weekend. in the president's weekly address this morning, he told listeners neither party in washington is blameless for the stalemate.
11:51 am
the sarah palin documentary, "the undefeated" opened friday. distributors put the film in just ten theaters. mostly in conservative areas like orange county, california, and dallas, texas. atlantic magazine is reporting the film played to a near empty theater in southern california. it did much better in dallas where the dallas "star telegram" reports one show sold out. and michele bauchmann may have entered the gop presidential race late in the game, but she's managing to raise more dough than most of her competitors. bauchmann is reporting contributions totaling $4.2 million for the second quarter. she still lags behind money front-runner mitt romney who is reporting more than $18 million raised. but she is light years ahead of newt gingrich who reported being $1 million in debt. and for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go,
11:52 am
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all right. two weeks in a row, something that's gone viral involves an animal.
11:55 am
>> last time it was a baby hippo kind of doing a little ballet in the water, and this time, who doesn't love a polar bear that's enjoying a nice little treat? >> this is the type of treat i think everyone across the country would like. >> yeah, that's true. >> these polar bears managed to enjoy 18 tons of snow. doesn't that sound nice right now? >> yes, it does. >> i think i would like -- well, it was brought by 90 donors who contributed to the wish list. you can see him rolling around in it loving it. i don't blame him. >> they really need it. and long for that snow. >> i don't think it stayed on the ground too long. >> no, but 18 tons, that's a good chance for it to be there for a long enough time to enjoy it. >> yeah, at least that put him in a good mood. just watching them. this is why it goes viral, because you don't need to even say anything, you can sit and watch. the male and i wish i knew the name to one of them.
11:56 am
>> one of them is named chinook. they're enjoying themselves in the snow. but it's just funny it's so ironic -- san diego isn't experiencing the intense heat like the rest of the country, but really, when you see snow like that, it does seem refreshing. >> love that little viral video moment. thanks so much, bonnie. >> you're welcome. >> we'll have more later. thanks so much. getting around the road detours by using information from other drivers, we'll see how that works in the next hour of the newsroom. [ doug ] i got to figure this out. ♪ [ dr. ling ] i want to spend more time with my patients. [ jim ] i need to build a new app for the sales team in beijing. [ mrs. davis ] i need to make science as exciting as a video game. ♪ [ jim ] i need to push out a software upgrade. [ dr. ling ] review ms. cooper's history. [ doug ] i need to cut i.t. costs. [ mrs. davis ] i need to find a way to break through.
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[ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. media mogul rupert murdoch was heckled as he emerged from a london hotel yesterday. minutes later he apologized to the family of a murdered teenage girl. reporters from the newspaper have been accused of hacking the girl's phone. parliamentary committee will ask murdoch about the phone-hacking scandal next week. the fbi is now investigating murdoch's interest in the u.s. expecting an indictment next week against the man accused


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